On the 10th April 1837, the town of Williamstown was proclaimed. Established as the port of Melbourne, the town flourished through the years of the gold rush in the 1850’s. By 1860, Williamstown was an important seaport where accommodation was required for sailors, contractors, gold seekers and the weary traveler.

At a time when strangers were but a friend undiscovered and people told yarns about riches waiting to be found, the sale of liquor was considered an essential public service. Victorian State Library records show the Prince Albert Hotel as one of the 27 hotels operating in the area at that time. Later in a great fire in 1914 the building was razed and the original weatherboard was rebuilt by the Carlton and United Breweries.

Today the Prince Albert carries forward Williamstown’s community spirit becoming once again a centre for locals and passers by to come, enjoy, relax and laugh.